Swiss Global Marketing shall be understood as a strategic instrument for the segments overstock management, marketing & sales, global sourcing und factoring. Our business area ranges from the ensuring of disposability of financial and material ressources to globalwide intermediation and orgnization of international trade- and business relations.



  • Overstock Management
  • Merchandising of stocklots and overproduction

Worldwide sourcing und merchandising of remainder of stock is requiring a global network of reliable trade partners and distributors having high integrity.
Our suppliers are investing in advertising, quality management and corporate identity – all these investments must be protected. In collaboration with our customers we are developing concepts for the cutback of existing overproduction and stock surplus.
Transparent distribution channels and attendant controlling are our client´s warranty for distribution structures which do not interfere negative in their own key markets.
In the field of commercialisation, Swiss Global Marketing can take over selectively the role of the buyer, broker, factor or controller. A high degree of equity is allowing Swiss Global Marketing to realize the purchase of even very huge stock surplus quick, determined and without bureaucracy.